Building and Maintaining Strong K-16 Partnerships Across State, Regional and Local Levels
Authors: Sheila Jones, Nancy Vandergrift

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2. Claims Examined
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Hypothesis: Given support and flexibility by the leadership, PRISM partnerships will develop and utilize the dimensions listed below to create and support vehicles for achieving the goal of improving science and mathematics student learning.

  • Frequent and deliberate communication among partners

  • Shared vision and goals

  • Promoting common PRISM goals in addition to individual goals

  • Holding one another accountable for achieving the goals

  • Respecting the contributions of others

  • Changing state, regional and/or local policies and practices in science and mathematics to sustain PRISM

  • Resolving systemic funding problems that bridge K-12 and higher education to sustain PRISM

  • Redirecting resources toward solving these system funding problems at each level

  • Institutionalizing K-16 partnership(s)